Another Saturday Night
Saturday, August 07, 2004

Another Saturday Night and I Ain't Got No Money. . .

Yeah well what else is new?
Some would say that I dont' need money to go out but . . . I would rather be able to pay for my own way than count on someone else to do so....
so . . . I have been here.

Watched League of Extordinary Gentleman. Great Movie!

Son is at his hockey game, he is the goalie... its a late game, and I hope they win, he needs a boost right now.
And the cats? Still fat, and obnoxious.
But keep my feet warm, so I can't complain.
(of course I do tend to get aggitated when they play with the yarn I am trying to work with)

I have this odd brother.
He lives about 35 miles from here but we don't speak.
He has his own problems and sadly, doesn't like to be a member of a family.
However, , , he 'spur of the moment' flew out to AZ to visit Mum,
(first time since '97) and she is a nervous wreck.
She called me today to tell me he was there, and that she feels as if he is taking inventory on what she has for when she goes.
Now how is that for a warm fuzzy feeling?????
He leaves Tuesday evening, and she says that is not soon enough.
Its sad when one's own mother feels that way about her child... but that is his history in the family.
He won't even acknowledge that I am alive.

Found this site.
Elite Skins
Go there.
The work this guy does is really good.... he makes screensavers with applets, and uses some of Jim Warren's work
Really nice stuff, but then again I am a huge Jim Warren Fan!
Here is his site if anyone wants to check it out:
Jim Warren Studios

Okay going to get back to work
Am doing a custom order afghan... looks really good.


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