Spider Alert?
Tuesday, July 13, 2004

Ugh! spiders! cant stand them. I went to take the window fan out of the kitchen window to clean the screen behind it, and CrudBuckets!!!! this mega-huge dark brown spider was living in the windowsill outside. (home alone so screaming didnt produce any results,but not for lack of trying)
Needless to say , the window was slammed shut immediately and the screen can wait. See if the people downstairs can come kill the sucker for me. Yeech... he has this huge tunnel web-like thingy and just sat there and looked at me as if I was the one intruding.... then scuttled off to who knows where. but he will be back, his dinner is caught in his web.. Gross! Gawd I hate those things!!!
So anyhoo, after that episode, and emailing my bestest friend Kev aka Pinhead, in ILL a rambling venting email, I put in a movie to watch... Dead Heat, starring Kiefer. Its one of my favourites, good balance of humour and action. Cant wait to get Taking Lives.

oh yeah... the chili turned out great !!! its already gone, apparently Nick has hollow legs. maybe tonight, I'll make chicken bog....

Jovianne ~ 12:08 PM


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