Saturday night, Late.
Saturday, July 24, 2004

Okay so I am going to vent a bit.
Okay, I feel somewhat better.
Sorry for swearing, its just been a day.
Well that is not actually true.
Started out great.
Sunshine, cool, coffee on the porch with a good book...
little bit of yardwork later in the sunshine... nice dinner.
Then the time to work on my blogs a bit, fixing them up and I keep trying to do the same dang thing over and over and over and it wont take.

I'm not asking much, I downloaded a couple of templates as I was not happy with the ones that Blogger offers, and had to fool with the coding a bit to personalize it, and did great on the first one.
But for the life of me I cannot get the second one to allow comments or archives. And its the same basic layout as the first one I fixed.
I've done everything exactly the same yet. . . . @%$#@ Aaarrrggghhhh!!!
(and I am out of asprin too)
So I am quitting for now, for tonight and possibly will just leave them as is until next week, . . month. . . year?
I understand that probably no one else will ever see these blogs of mine, let alone read them and possibly care to comment on them. I really dont have friends that I could share them with.
There are1000's out there in cyberspace and mine are just a tiny little smudge on the horizon, but I want it to look good, simply for my own satisfaction.
Just simply, for me.

Think I will just sleep on it.

Jovianne ~ 11:52 PM


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