Monday, July 26, 2004

Made it this far
Wow, it is really just a dreary day out.
Only the robins and ducks like this kind of weather, but it HAS been nice for about 3 weeks now, so I guess I shouldn't complain.

Got a lot done this morning.
I make afghans.
Mostly Couch-throw size,(twin bed) but also have done much larger.
Did a king-size for my mother, it was a real delicate lacey patterm and she loves it, but I think it would take alot for me to do one that size again.
It took 6 weeks to do and I almost lost my mind in the process. I think it was about 9 pounds of yarns.
Thank Goodness it was not a solid design.
Yes, I most are for sale, but every so often I do one that I like so much I give them away. I gotta stop doing that, can't make a living that way.
One of these days I need to get my pictures posted on here of my work.
I design all my own patterns and they turn out awfully dammed nice, if I do say so.

Two years ago I made up a dozen Lap-size and donated them as Christmas gifts to a local nursing home. It was really wonderful to see the patients faces when they realized they had gotten a present.
Its sad at how many of our old people are simply forgotten or no longer have family members in the local area to do things for them.

Need more coffee

Jovianne ~ 11:43 AM


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