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Tuesday, July 27, 2004

Not too bad
Added to my books list, spent some more time this afternoon putzing with them in the garage, and am probably about halfway done figuring it all out.
The new shelves are okay, I wish I could have had some custom made for my books, but the cut-away box system seems to be working for now.
At least with the paperbacks.
I havent even tapped into the hardbacks yet, kinda afraid to.
And my antique books are going to stay packed for now, I dont want to expose them to air and dust and all that crud.

I am now going to add an irrevelant link here. Well in my mind its not irrevelant because it is related to some of my books and I have been rambling about my books so I think this link is fitting.

The Fairbanks House

Why is this fitting?
Because alot of my books are from here.
Its a family thing.


Jovianne ~ 5:41 PM


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