Just a few Updates
Sunday, July 18, 2004

Updates... let's see
The Mailbox:  
A new one now sits proudly. . . on the floor of the front room.
It was delivered by the blonde bimbo friend of the mailbox murderers late Friday afternoon. 
I have tried and tried to remove the remains of the old one, stil clinging forelornly, yet stubbornly, to the post outside, but alas. . .     the rusted bolts are refusing to give and I am out of ideas on how to get it off of that dang post, short of running over it with my car. 
I am open to any suggestions.
The Spider in the Sill:
HE is GONE!  
 During yesterday's rains, I noticed that he had 'left' his web so I took the opportunity to grab a yardstick and scrape out his 'home'. 
Then cleaned the entire window, fan included, and throughly sprayed the windowsill with "BugBeGone' stuff.  The window looks great, the fan is running beautifully again, and so far, no signs of my SillSpider. 
Maybe he got the hint. 
Its either that or he is residing just below,
out of site. . .  
plotting my demise.  .  .
The Dork:

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