Its not the heat, its the humidity
Monday, July 12, 2004

How I hate that expression, but it is soooooo true!!! So once again, I didn't cook dinner. Too friggin hot. However, at 4:am, its not such a bad time to cook, so got a pot of chili simmering on the stove. Family receipe, grandme taught mom, who in turn taught me. Same with her breads, however baking bread is definetly a winter option only. Wonder how humid it gets in Alaska? I lived in Texas for almost 3 years, and let me tell ya, I did my time in Hell. SATX. Tiny trees, fake rivers, brown and dull green colours, flat as a pancake and boring. Now no offense to anyone who might actually be living there by choice, but I grew up in the Allegheny Mountians of West Virgina and that state knows what real colour is, what trees are, what rivers are, what mountains are and its just simply the most wonderful place in the USA.

Simply a bit of heaven.

Blackwater Falls WV Posted by Hello

So nice and cool Posted by Hello

I did not take these beautiful pics, I am not sure who did, they are from collected WV pics that I have found over the years on here. My scanner died or I would have a lot more photos on here.
Time to check the chili, and surf a bit.

Jovianne ~ 4:09 AM


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