Dork Update
Tuesday, July 13, 2004

No word back yet from the Dork in TX about the college situation. Kinda scares me to not hear anything, makes me wonder if he is driving up here to confront our son in person. Geeesh I hope not, I dont need another breakdown ( I break out in hives when I see him) and dont want to see Nick hurt. Ive never really seen Nick so angry as he is with his dad right now. why cant the Dork just accept the fact that Nick is intelligent and is making good decisions? And why has the Dork not even let Nick know how proud he is of his graduation status??? Not once has he told Nick that he did a good job, he is just angry over the college choice, and emailing Nick over what poor choices he is making. AND. . . only one member of the Dorks family even bothered to acknowledge Nicks graduation at all!!! Nick has 8 aunts and uncles, with extended families, and of course the Dorks mom and nothing. . . . no card, no email, no phone call .. nothing. Nick's overall G.P.A. was 4.61!!! Hello????
Its like a family with no feelings or emotions. To me that seems so unnatural. They dont even hug. And that aint right.

Jovianne ~ 12:30 PM


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