Cats? and Ex's
Sunday, July 11, 2004

Okay great, now all 3 cats are up and creating havoc in my house. Seemed like a good idea at the time to get them...

Found these wallpaper sites a little while back:

Unicorns Universe

Visual Paradox


2D Desktop Wallpapers

Still thinking bout this ex-husband thing I got going on here. . . married twice, first time for about 7 minutes, was a case of opposites attracting, I was pregnant, he wasn't. Second time, I thought I did it right and boy was I ever wrong. Thank the Lord he lives in Texas and only irritates us thru e-mails. He is upset this week over my son's choice of college. WVU - - - West Virginia University - - - great school I went there, my ex went there, his father taught music there, my parents both taught there... its kinda the family school. So why in the happy hell is the Dork upset????? My son wants to go into Forensics, which seems like a good career choice to me... but I am merely mom, and guess my opinion doesnt count. But, the Dork is sooooo upset, he is cutting off all future funding for my son's education. Now how is that for total dorkiness?????

Jovianne ~ 5:48 AM


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