Are We That Stupid?
Thursday, July 29, 2004

Are we really that stupid?
I went to my other email account a bit ago, and waded thru the spam *chit* as I held down the delete key and one caught my eye.

It was from a lady named Rose Something-or-other and she was introducing herself.
Well I sure in the happy hell have not heard of this woman, so I skimmed it a bit and was not suprised to see that she had an interesting story.
Seems as if she lives abroad and needs to (coff)"flee" her country.
So she is coming to the U.S. and needs to 'hide' her funds from her government.

Her request?
She would like to deposit her 18 million dollars into my bank account to ensure its safety until she can get here. (Uh huh)
Could I please help her and send her my account information so she can make the transfer. (Uh huh)

Let's just look at this.
Safe? in my account???
I don't think so!!!
I could use some food, and a new car, or three.
(I currently have low goals)
And I certainly could easily come up with other ways to spend money.
Not a Problem.

Yeah okay, I am blonde.
So I am going to immediatly send my banking information, complete with my pin # to a complete stranger with a story that is so full of 'bullcaca' its insane.
I'll get right on that. (Uh huh)

Anyone who would be gullible enough to even for one iota of a millisecond to consider doing what she is asking ... well I won't go there.
Sadly tho? Somewhere someone, will probably do as she asks.

I will say this however, it was an amusing read.

Time for decaff

Jovianne ~ 9:06 PM


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