Am I Wrong?
Friday, July 16, 2004

Am I wrong in my anger?
July 4th . . .   the neighbors had a party..  fine, cool, okay.       3 friends of theirs showed up with handfulls of M80's.     As boys will be boys, they had fun.....   BUT........  as they were leaving the party, they put an M80 into my mailbox and blew it to smithereens.   Part of it is on the roof of my house.
They were confronted the next day, and apologized and I was told a new mailbox would be installed on the 6th.
Ummmmmm  its the 16th? 
I have not received mail in over a week as my mailbox does not conform to standards.
The post office is holding my mail until I get a new mailbox.
The people that did this have been putting me off for days that it will be taken care of.
I received official notification on my door handle a bit ago, from the post offifce that my mail service has been suspended indefinetly.  Soooooo  I went to the neighbors.
THEY ARE ON FRIGGIN VACATION FOR A WEEK !!!!!!    a stupid bleached-blonde bimbo informed me that they are on vacation.  Then had the nerve to slam the door in my face because I woke her...    at   11:30 in the morning.   Uh  Hello???  you are still sleeping now because?????  the bleach affected what little brain cells you had?????
Can I cry now?????
I need a Kiefer Fix.

Jovianne ~ 11:07 AM


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