Aint that a shame?
Friday, July 16, 2004

OMG, now what?
In follow-up to the sad story about Bobo, the tiger that got loose in FL earlier this week, it seems as if the lady who volunteered the services of her pet pig is now being brought up on animal cruelty charges. . . .   DUH!
Woman Who Offered Pig as Tiger Bait Faces Charge

RDCV: tiger got loose... lady offered pig as bait, was sent home. Tiger was shot after being cornered and going after a wildlife officer.

However.... the PIG Lady is now indignant as she is being charged with animal cruelty because she not only offered piggy as bait to trap the tiger , but kept it locked in the trunk of her car in 90 weather. And she wonders why???? She claims she was going to eat it anyways once it had grown up.......   Heaven help us.  

My reaction? Poor piggy

and I wonder about my own sanity???  
GAWD,  I  really need a Kiefer Fix now. . .
And today started out so nicely.

Jovianne ~ 2:14 PM


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