Sweet Dreams
Saturday, July 31, 2004

Just thought I would try to end the week on a pleasant, if not 'cute' note.



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Got that right
Friday, July 30, 2004

Quote of the Day
Ain't this the Truth?

"The brain is a wonderful organ. It starts working the moment you get up and does not stop until you get into the office. -Robert Frost

on that note, I need coffee

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Are We That Stupid?
Thursday, July 29, 2004

Are we really that stupid?
I went to my other email account a bit ago, and waded thru the spam *chit* as I held down the delete key and one caught my eye.

It was from a lady named Rose Something-or-other and she was introducing herself.
Well I sure in the happy hell have not heard of this woman, so I skimmed it a bit and was not suprised to see that she had an interesting story.
Seems as if she lives abroad and needs to (coff)"flee" her country.
So she is coming to the U.S. and needs to 'hide' her funds from her government.

Her request?
She would like to deposit her 18 million dollars into my bank account to ensure its safety until she can get here. (Uh huh)
Could I please help her and send her my account information so she can make the transfer. (Uh huh)

Let's just look at this.
Safe? in my account???
I don't think so!!!
I could use some food, and a new car, or three.
(I currently have low goals)
And I certainly could easily come up with other ways to spend money.
Not a Problem.

Yeah okay, I am blonde.
So I am going to immediatly send my banking information, complete with my pin # to a complete stranger with a story that is so full of 'bullcaca' its insane.
I'll get right on that. (Uh huh)

Anyone who would be gullible enough to even for one iota of a millisecond to consider doing what she is asking ... well I won't go there.
Sadly tho? Somewhere someone, will probably do as she asks.

I will say this however, it was an amusing read.

Time for decaff

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Lion Cut Cat

Poor Cat

Gas in car to go to groomers - $4.50
Cat car carrier - $32.99
Grooming fee - $80.00
Getting the look from one seriously pissed off cat - Priceless!

Lion Cut Cat

(Relevant Link)
Urban Legends Reference Pages


Okay so I not only have a sarcastic sense of humour, it's also warped and deranged.

What can I say?

Time for coffee

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Its Froggy out
It is really foggy out this morning.
worse than pea-soup fog.
Feels rather isolated up on this hill, can't even see the neighbors!
My dad would call this a Froggy Day.
Drove mum nuts the way he played with words like that but from a kids viewpoint, he was funny and it's something I've always remembered he said.
'Its a froggy day',
'Its salt on those cookies,not sugar',
'Cheerio' instead of goodbye
'Runny Babbits & Flutterbyes' (I do that too, which drives my son bonkers!)

I miss my dad.

Need coffee

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Wednesday, July 28, 2004

I sure had alot to say in that last post.
(vent, vent, vent)

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I don't know if anyone has been keeping up with my Dork Reports (aka my son's dad who resides in Texas) but we finally heard from him, via email this afternoon as to his decision regarding son's college career.

Quick Review:
Son wants to go to a local college (West Virginia University) and major in forensics.
He graduated from H.S. this past June with a G.P.A. of 4.61. (did the happy-happy-joy-joy-I-am-so-proud-of-you-dance on that one for weeks)
He has spent the past year and a half researching schools thru the internet, and tours of local ones and I feel as if he has made a wise, sound decision.

Now,I do get child support from The Dork.
I will openly admit that except for 3 times over the past 16 years(that is how long I've been divorced)the payments came thru regularly.(SP?)

The Dork has always maintained thru-out the years that he was also saving for son's college, and would continue to send support as long as son was in school.
He informed son last summer that he has a car for him for school.

Last month, son informed Dad of his choice of colleges.
Dad (The Dork) wigged out.
He feels that son will be wasting his chance at a good education by his choice of school, and by his major.
In other words Dad does not approve.
He cut off all of son's money last month and informed son that there would be no more unless he reconsidered his options.
Son reconsidered and is remaining firm in his choice.

So. . . . . (whew) here we are now:
Dad has emailed son and told him that there will be no money, no car, no nothing unless son moves to TX and lives with dad and attends a college down there.
He states that he is doing this in son's best interests. (bite me)
He says he does not stand by son with his decision.
So son wrote him back and told him to pretty much 'shove it' that he is NOT changing his mind, that he does NOT wish to live in TX, that he does NOT wish to move in with dad and that he will make it without dad's aid.

I am very proud of my son, for all that he has accomplished and I only hope that his anger towards his dad eases in time but geeeeesh. . . his dad rates at the top of the Dork list, if you ask me.

The 'twist' to all of this?
Both dad and I are graduates of WVU
Both our parents taught there for centuries.
It is the family school
So what in the happy hell is the Dork's major problem?

anyhoo. . . that is the final chapter, I think, in this mess.


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I have decided that man, or woman in this case, cannot survive with a pleasant demeanor without coffee.
I was trying to cut back on my caffine intake yesterday and drank only decaf.
This morning I woke with a horrendous headache. It felt like someone was taking small knives and stabbing me in both temples. It was worse than any hangover headache I have ever had.
So I had two cups of real coffee this morning.
Now I look like this.

Too Much Caffine? Posted by Hello

But my headache is gone and I feel much better now.


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Can't Sleep

Can't Sleep.
So I went surfing and found this.... thought it was worth sharing.

Don't Ever Get THIS Vanity License Tag

Elsmere, Delaware resident Jim Cara, a 43-year-old who works for the American Motorcycle Association, has always loved to make people laugh. That was his motivation when he chose the vanity license tag "NOTAG" for his Suzuki motorcycle. But the joke has backfired like a bad muffler. Thanks to a computer snafu, he was mailed the "NOTAG" plates along with 200 parking violations where police listed the license plate as "no tag."

"All the traffic tickets say, 'Notice of violation. License number: no tag,' " Cara explained to The Associated Press. What happened is that Wilmington's computers, which were linked to the state Division of Motor Vehicles, did what those computers are supposed to do: link traffic tickets to the appropriate license plate tag. "I messed up the system so bad," Cara marveled. "I wonder if they can put me in jail or something?"

Wilmington officials may not be laughing at Cara's vanity plate joke, but they are willing to correct the error of their computer's ways. They blamed it on an incorrect computer code used by one of the city's contractors whose job it is to process the city's parking violations. Fortunately, Wilmington is the only jurisdiction with the no-tag computer glitch, according to Kelly Pitts, spokeswoman for the state Department of Transportation. So after all this, will Cara get rid of his "NOTAG" plates? No way, said Cara. "I think it's awesome."


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Tuesday, July 27, 2004

Oh why the happy hell not?
Been seein this link all over the web, on blogs, on pages, in 237 of my emails today and figured what-the-heck.....
I might as well jump on the band wagon and list it also.
(maybe if I list it, people will quit forwarding it to me)
I guess you could call it an irrevelant link.
This Land
Its dumb, its cute, and its funny,


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Just a Note

Not too bad
Added to my books list, spent some more time this afternoon putzing with them in the garage, and am probably about halfway done figuring it all out.
The new shelves are okay, I wish I could have had some custom made for my books, but the cut-away box system seems to be working for now.
At least with the paperbacks.
I havent even tapped into the hardbacks yet, kinda afraid to.
And my antique books are going to stay packed for now, I dont want to expose them to air and dust and all that crud.

I am now going to add an irrevelant link here. Well in my mind its not irrevelant because it is related to some of my books and I have been rambling about my books so I think this link is fitting.

The Fairbanks House

Why is this fitting?
Because alot of my books are from here.
Its a family thing.


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Tues. Mid Afternoon

Mid-day Tuesday
Wrestled the computer away from my son for a few minutes.
He is still researching colleges, even tho it looks like he will be going to
Before that we were trying to get a mess straightened out.
With the camera.

I have a Polaroid Digital Camera.
It works great, easy to use, the software is easy to work with and I really like it and it cost an arm and a leg (I limp a bit now).
Problem is, the software is not compatible with WindowsXP.
So now I don't know what to do and am open to any suggestions, short of purchasing a new camera.
(or going back to the old computer)

Why can't everything be easy???
I sometimes think that anything computer-related was programmed to drive me batty.
But maybe I am taking it too personal.

Time for coffee.

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check this out
Monday, July 26, 2004

Okay, check this out.
( yes I am bored, can you tell?)
And I am not sure I agree with this but. . . .

(Dang, I don't like this picture. )

?? Which Of The Greek Gods Are You ??
brought to you by Quizilla

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Made it this far
Wow, it is really just a dreary day out.
Only the robins and ducks like this kind of weather, but it HAS been nice for about 3 weeks now, so I guess I shouldn't complain.

Got a lot done this morning.
I make afghans.
Mostly Couch-throw size,(twin bed) but also have done much larger.
Did a king-size for my mother, it was a real delicate lacey patterm and she loves it, but I think it would take alot for me to do one that size again.
It took 6 weeks to do and I almost lost my mind in the process. I think it was about 9 pounds of yarns.
Thank Goodness it was not a solid design.
Yes, I most are for sale, but every so often I do one that I like so much I give them away. I gotta stop doing that, can't make a living that way.
One of these days I need to get my pictures posted on here of my work.
I design all my own patterns and they turn out awfully dammed nice, if I do say so.

Two years ago I made up a dozen Lap-size and donated them as Christmas gifts to a local nursing home. It was really wonderful to see the patients faces when they realized they had gotten a present.
Its sad at how many of our old people are simply forgotten or no longer have family members in the local area to do things for them.

Need more coffee

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Monday AM

Monday Morning.
and its raining
and its Monday
and I have too much to take care of today
and its raining

Suppose to get severe storms thru here this afternoon.

Its Monday.
Did I mention that its raining?

I need coffee

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Sunday Evening
Sunday, July 25, 2004

Sunday Evening
Not too bad of a day.
It was cool enough that I could spend time working in the garage sorting out my books. I still have a long way to go, but am making progress.
If interested:
My Books.
I also spent some time on here getting the html tags fixed on my songs blog, its finally working right!
And read for a while on the porch, it was soooo nice out today.
My son is at his Hockey game tonight, they have 2 they are playing.
He is the goalie!
He is a really great kid, and I am proud to be his mum.
And had a good long talk with my mum.
She lives in AZ and I am here in PA and that is hard to deal with, but we do manage to talk every night.
We have a standing 'date' for 9:00pm my time for me to call her.
She really is my best friend.

All in all, its been a good day.

Jovianne ~ 7:50 PM


Sunday AM

Sunday AM
Another beautiful morning out...
had my coffee on the porch again.
This is my idea of weather.
Not too hot, not too humid, and tons of sunshine.
I'm kinda holding my breath tho, because I know this is not typical weather for July in this area, and sooner or later it will catch up to us...
but am going to enjoy it while I can.
If my car were running better, this would be a great day to toss the cooler and fishing rods in the trunk and take a drive up to the mountains. I live about an hour from the Laural Highlands area and its just georgeous up that way. Tons of little out-of-the way fishing spots. Take along a good book and your day is made. Who cares if you catch anything, just being out that way is good enough.

Need more coffee.

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Saturday night, Late.
Saturday, July 24, 2004

Okay so I am going to vent a bit.
Okay, I feel somewhat better.
Sorry for swearing, its just been a day.
Well that is not actually true.
Started out great.
Sunshine, cool, coffee on the porch with a good book...
little bit of yardwork later in the sunshine... nice dinner.
Then the time to work on my blogs a bit, fixing them up and I keep trying to do the same dang thing over and over and over and it wont take.

I'm not asking much, I downloaded a couple of templates as I was not happy with the ones that Blogger offers, and had to fool with the coding a bit to personalize it, and did great on the first one.
But for the life of me I cannot get the second one to allow comments or archives. And its the same basic layout as the first one I fixed.
I've done everything exactly the same yet. . . . @%$#@ Aaarrrggghhhh!!!
(and I am out of asprin too)
So I am quitting for now, for tonight and possibly will just leave them as is until next week, . . month. . . year?
I understand that probably no one else will ever see these blogs of mine, let alone read them and possibly care to comment on them. I really dont have friends that I could share them with.
There are1000's out there in cyberspace and mine are just a tiny little smudge on the horizon, but I want it to look good, simply for my own satisfaction.
Just simply, for me.

Think I will just sleep on it.

Jovianne ~ 11:52 PM



this blog is under reconstruction.

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Just a few Updates
Sunday, July 18, 2004

Updates... let's see
The Mailbox:  
A new one now sits proudly. . . on the floor of the front room.
It was delivered by the blonde bimbo friend of the mailbox murderers late Friday afternoon. 
I have tried and tried to remove the remains of the old one, stil clinging forelornly, yet stubbornly, to the post outside, but alas. . .     the rusted bolts are refusing to give and I am out of ideas on how to get it off of that dang post, short of running over it with my car. 
I am open to any suggestions.
The Spider in the Sill:
HE is GONE!  
 During yesterday's rains, I noticed that he had 'left' his web so I took the opportunity to grab a yardstick and scrape out his 'home'. 
Then cleaned the entire window, fan included, and throughly sprayed the windowsill with "BugBeGone' stuff.  The window looks great, the fan is running beautifully again, and so far, no signs of my SillSpider. 
Maybe he got the hint. 
Its either that or he is residing just below,
out of site. . .  
plotting my demise.  .  .
The Dork:

Jovianne ~ 6:23 AM


Aint that a shame?
Friday, July 16, 2004

OMG, now what?
In follow-up to the sad story about Bobo, the tiger that got loose in FL earlier this week, it seems as if the lady who volunteered the services of her pet pig is now being brought up on animal cruelty charges. . . .   DUH!
Woman Who Offered Pig as Tiger Bait Faces Charge

RDCV: tiger got loose... lady offered pig as bait, was sent home. Tiger was shot after being cornered and going after a wildlife officer.

However.... the PIG Lady is now indignant as she is being charged with animal cruelty because she not only offered piggy as bait to trap the tiger , but kept it locked in the trunk of her car in 90 weather. And she wonders why???? She claims she was going to eat it anyways once it had grown up.......   Heaven help us.  

My reaction? Poor piggy

and I wonder about my own sanity???  
GAWD,  I  really need a Kiefer Fix now. . .
And today started out so nicely.

Jovianne ~ 2:14 PM


Am I Wrong?

Am I wrong in my anger?
July 4th . . .   the neighbors had a party..  fine, cool, okay.       3 friends of theirs showed up with handfulls of M80's.     As boys will be boys, they had fun.....   BUT........  as they were leaving the party, they put an M80 into my mailbox and blew it to smithereens.   Part of it is on the roof of my house.
They were confronted the next day, and apologized and I was told a new mailbox would be installed on the 6th.
Ummmmmm  its the 16th? 
I have not received mail in over a week as my mailbox does not conform to standards.
The post office is holding my mail until I get a new mailbox.
The people that did this have been putting me off for days that it will be taken care of.
I received official notification on my door handle a bit ago, from the post offifce that my mail service has been suspended indefinetly.  Soooooo  I went to the neighbors.
THEY ARE ON FRIGGIN VACATION FOR A WEEK !!!!!!    a stupid bleached-blonde bimbo informed me that they are on vacation.  Then had the nerve to slam the door in my face because I woke her...    at   11:30 in the morning.   Uh  Hello???  you are still sleeping now because?????  the bleach affected what little brain cells you had?????
Can I cry now?????
I need a Kiefer Fix.

Jovianne ~ 11:07 AM


This Song Has No Title

Spent most of this morning over coffee, again, and listening to Elton. I think the man is sheer genius and one of my favourite songs he did was This Song Has No Title. Its from his Goodbye Yellow Brick Road Album, ummmm 1973, I think???

This Song Has No Title

Tune me into the wild side of life,
I'm an innocent young child sharp as a knife,
Take me to the garretts where the artists have died,
Show me the court rooms where the judges have lied.

Let me drink deeply from the waters and the wine,
Light coloured candles in a dark dreary mines,
Look in the mirror and stare at myself,
And wonder if that's really me on the shelf.

And each day I learn just a little bit more,
I dont know why but I do know what for,
If we're all going somewhere let's get there soon,
This song's got no title, just words and a tune.

Take me down alleys where the murders are done,
In a vast high powered rocket to the core of the sun,
Want to read books in the studys of men,
Born on the breeze and die on the wind.

If I was a artist who paints with his eyes,
I'd study my subject and silently cry,
Cry for the darkness to come down on me,
for confusion to carry on turning the wheel.

And each day I learn just a little bit more,
I dont know why buit I do know what for,
If we're all going somewhere let's get there soon,
This song's got no title, just words and a tune.
Elton John and Bernie Taupin
Actually tho, anything that Elton and Bernie did was totally awesome ! Anyone remember "Don't Shoot Me I'm Only the Piano Player" I wore that album out!!! Still have not found it on CD... and yes, I still have my vinyls from way back when and still have a working turntable.. gawd, I'm getting old. . . . but, well preserved.
Time for more coffee.

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Thursday, July 15, 2004

I dont know why I have always like this picture so much.
Just thought I'd share.

Midnight Posted by Hello

Jovianne ~ 5:27 PM



Wow! 10:am already.... or is that , gee, its only 10:am?

Guess it depends on how you look at it.

Been thinking about my life. . . such as it is.

See, I am in this self-imposed empty shell right now, and I rarely have contact with people. Actually, I am very hesitant to approach people because it seems as if, no matter what, I end up being misunderstood and hurt. So about 3 years ago, I wrapped myself up in a very thick concrete wall, and its still here.
I learned how to not need anyone. I learned how to simply not answer the phone until it finally stopped ringing. I finally had it disconnected as I didnt use it. I quit 'going out' with my friends. Online friends? I have kept in touch with two. Two out of the dozens I used to have. The two, Kev and Chris, dont agree with my self-imposed walls, but they still love me and understand when I go thru weeks of withdrawl.
So I sit back and wonder why? Why did I do this to myself? Am I ready to get out of it? Am I ready to actually consider going somewhere else other than the grocery store???
And I have no real answers. Sometimes I get very lonely. Thats when I grab a book or watch a movie. I have made it sooooo easy on myself to be alone. I often feel that I am content this way.
Lately, I'm finding my own walls harder to maintain.

Jovianne ~ 9:07 AM


Coffee anyone?

Waiting for my coffee and reading the news. . Excite Odd News the Olympics Torch 'found' several cannibas farms during its run thru the countryside near Athens.....
Strikes me as funny. Wonder if they just 'torched' the farms???

Yeah, warped sense of humour here.

I dont know.... odd mood this morning. Probably lack of caffine, have not had coffee yet. Its brewing!!!

One of these days I need to find another coffee partner. Few years back a friend of mine, who had moved away, she and I used to meet almost every morning on here thru AIM, had our coffee together and talked. In some odd way , it was if she had never moved away at all. I miss her. She was my best friend for eons, and is happily married now, living in CA. We dont speak as much anymore, due to the time difference and two very different lifestyles.

Jovianne ~ 3:29 AM


Waiting for Dawn
Wednesday, July 14, 2004

Waiting for Dawn Posted by Hello

Waiting for the dawn, wondering if its too early to start the coffee..... probably is.
Been listening to music, playing stupid games on here, trying NOT to THINK! As soon as my head hits the pillows tho, my mind goes into overdrive on all the junk I am trying to not think about. Its been quiet out tonight... we were supposed to get thumderstorms, but they missed our area by several miles... I like storms. The winds, noises, cool rains.... often find me on my front porch as they approach, just listening. . . watching. . . waiting.
Maybe someday I will figure out what I might actually be waiting for.
Sometimes loneliness isnt all its cracked up to be, but its a small price to pay for piece of mind.

Ive got good dreams and goals,its just that the toll of the past 3 weeks of grief of what my son's dad is doing to my son, is really wearing me down. Sometimes I think you can try to do everything right,cover all areas, and still get kicked in the ass. My ass is pretty sore lately, the EX is kicking it a bit toooo much, and yes, I am aware that I am letting him, but its those dammed triggers of his. we were married long enough that he knows how to still set me off, and is better at it now than he was then. . . . And its not like I am letting him 'get me' on purpose. It just happens because I probably never truely got over the truama of our marriage in the first place.

I dont know. Maybe I should just make the coffee and go work with the books while its still cool enough to do so.
Incredible poetry and graphics:
Shayna's Pages
Poof Cat
Blue Eyes Place

Jovianne ~ 2:43 AM


Can You Imagine?
Tuesday, July 13, 2004

Can you even imagine what it would be like to look up into the night sky and see something like this?

Northern Lights Posted by Hello
This pic is from WebShots.com by the way.

Someday I will get there. To Alaska. I am determined.
I may not move there, will probably move back to WV someday, but I really,really,really want to see Alaska. Dont get me wrong, the beach scene is nice, Ive been to a few, but with beaches follows humidity!
Besides, I look at it this way when it comes to outdoor temps... there are more fun and interesting things to do to stay warm, than there are to cool off.

Jovianne ~ 7:00 PM


Dork Update

No word back yet from the Dork in TX about the college situation. Kinda scares me to not hear anything, makes me wonder if he is driving up here to confront our son in person. Geeesh I hope not, I dont need another breakdown ( I break out in hives when I see him) and dont want to see Nick hurt. Ive never really seen Nick so angry as he is with his dad right now. why cant the Dork just accept the fact that Nick is intelligent and is making good decisions? And why has the Dork not even let Nick know how proud he is of his graduation status??? Not once has he told Nick that he did a good job, he is just angry over the college choice, and emailing Nick over what poor choices he is making. AND. . . only one member of the Dorks family even bothered to acknowledge Nicks graduation at all!!! Nick has 8 aunts and uncles, with extended families, and of course the Dorks mom and nothing. . . . no card, no email, no phone call .. nothing. Nick's overall G.P.A. was 4.61!!! Hello????
Its like a family with no feelings or emotions. To me that seems so unnatural. They dont even hug. And that aint right.

Jovianne ~ 12:30 PM


Spider Alert?

Ugh! spiders! cant stand them. I went to take the window fan out of the kitchen window to clean the screen behind it, and CrudBuckets!!!! this mega-huge dark brown spider was living in the windowsill outside. (home alone so screaming didnt produce any results,but not for lack of trying)
Needless to say , the window was slammed shut immediately and the screen can wait. See if the people downstairs can come kill the sucker for me. Yeech... he has this huge tunnel web-like thingy and just sat there and looked at me as if I was the one intruding.... then scuttled off to who knows where. but he will be back, his dinner is caught in his web.. Gross! Gawd I hate those things!!!
So anyhoo, after that episode, and emailing my bestest friend Kev aka Pinhead, in ILL a rambling venting email, I put in a movie to watch... Dead Heat, starring Kiefer. Its one of my favourites, good balance of humour and action. Cant wait to get Taking Lives.

oh yeah... the chili turned out great !!! its already gone, apparently Nick has hollow legs. maybe tonight, I'll make chicken bog....

Jovianne ~ 12:08 PM


Book / Author Links
Monday, July 12, 2004

Some 'Book' Links


Authors on the Web

Online Library of Literature


The Online Books Page

Jovianne ~ 4:34 AM


Its not the heat, its the humidity

How I hate that expression, but it is soooooo true!!! So once again, I didn't cook dinner. Too friggin hot. However, at 4:am, its not such a bad time to cook, so got a pot of chili simmering on the stove. Family receipe, grandme taught mom, who in turn taught me. Same with her breads, however baking bread is definetly a winter option only. Wonder how humid it gets in Alaska? I lived in Texas for almost 3 years, and let me tell ya, I did my time in Hell. SATX. Tiny trees, fake rivers, brown and dull green colours, flat as a pancake and boring. Now no offense to anyone who might actually be living there by choice, but I grew up in the Allegheny Mountians of West Virgina and that state knows what real colour is, what trees are, what rivers are, what mountains are and its just simply the most wonderful place in the USA.

Simply a bit of heaven.

Blackwater Falls WV Posted by Hello

So nice and cool Posted by Hello

I did not take these beautiful pics, I am not sure who did, they are from collected WV pics that I have found over the years on here. My scanner died or I would have a lot more photos on here.
Time to check the chili, and surf a bit.

Jovianne ~ 4:09 AM


My Darlin Grandaughter !
Sunday, July 11, 2004

Zabelle Alora Posted by Hello

I have two wonderful sons, and just recently became a grandma!! (Thank You Bryce and Tamara for Baby Belle)
My younger son, Nick, will start college in August,he just graduated with Honours from High School!!

Jovianne ~ 11:23 AM


Some More books I've read/own

Okay... been out in the garage again, attempting to figure out what is going on with my books. It really bugs me that they are soooo out of order. I like finding things where I left them. Must be the friggin cats... The youngest one 'talks' frequently, so why should she not be able to read also???

James Michener
Alaska ! my fav by him
The Covenant

Bernard Cornwell
The Winter King
The Archer

John Jakes
The Kent Family Chronicles all 8 editions
North and South
Love and War
Heaven and Hell

Tom Clancy
The Sum of All Fears
The Hunt for Red October

Some Misc Stuff:
Margaret George

The Autobiography of Henry VIII
Mary Queen of Scotland and the Isles
Both very interesting, if you like history

Nathaniel Philbrick
In the Heart of the Sea
(The Tragedy of the Whaleship Essex)
Excellent read, is the true story that Herman Mellville based his work "Moby Dick" on.

If it has been written by Harold Robbins, Stephen King, or Dean Koontz, I own it and have read and reread them all.

Jovianne ~ 8:08 AM


Cats? and Ex's

Okay great, now all 3 cats are up and creating havoc in my house. Seemed like a good idea at the time to get them...

Found these wallpaper sites a little while back:

Unicorns Universe

Visual Paradox



2D Desktop Wallpapers

Still thinking bout this ex-husband thing I got going on here. . . married twice, first time for about 7 minutes, was a case of opposites attracting, I was pregnant, he wasn't. Second time, I thought I did it right and boy was I ever wrong. Thank the Lord he lives in Texas and only irritates us thru e-mails. He is upset this week over my son's choice of college. WVU - - - West Virginia University - - - great school I went there, my ex went there, his father taught music there, my parents both taught there... its kinda the family school. So why in the happy hell is the Dork upset????? My son wants to go into Forensics, which seems like a good career choice to me... but I am merely mom, and guess my opinion doesnt count. But, the Dork is sooooo upset, he is cutting off all future funding for my son's education. Now how is that for total dorkiness?????

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I like the night.
The silence, the darkness. Sometimes the brain goes into overdrive tho. Pondering things that make no sense. Falling into a deep chasm of the mind...
Then out of the darkness the cat jumps on my lap. Why do they pick the worst times to want attention?
She weighs 11 pounds!

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The Art of Jonathan Earl Bowser


The Art of Jim Warren

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Another Sunday

Another Sunday, (okay so its Saturday night,and I can't sleep) another day in the making. Decided to go thru my library and better organize it. Wait... that will take too long... maybe just a few of my favourites for now.

By Robert Ludlum
Okay, now who had the brilliant idea to cast Matt Damon as Bourne?? Obviously someone who had never read the books.
Kiefer Sutherland would have been more appropriate and more enjoyable to watch

The Bourne Identity
The Bourne Supremacy
The Bourne Ultimatim
The Chancellor Manuscript
The Gemini Contenders
The Holcroft Covenant
The Icarus Agenda
The Matarese Circle
The Scarlatti Inheritance
The Matlock Paper
. . . am missing some

By Clive Cussler
If only Dirk Pitt were real!
Flood Tide
Shock Wave
Inca Gold
Night Probe
Blue Gold
Vahalla Rising
Blue Gold
Click here for more on Clive Cussler

By Jean M. Auel

Clan of the Cave Bear
The Valley of the Horses
The Mammoth Hunters
The Plains of Passage
The Shelters of Stone

By Edward Rutherford
The Forest

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